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Behind Shadows

An Edge of your Seat Psychological Thriller Novel

An Edge of your Seat Psychological Thriller

After losing his wife in a hit and run, Detective Inspector Adam Stanley is spiralling towards rock bottom.

Instead of quitting the force altogether, he is persuaded to relocate to a less stressful role. But he questions everything about his new life - the job… the team… the place.

He even struggles to get out of bed every morning.

However, something about Amanda, the damaged and broken woman he is forced to investigate, triggers a primal feeling deep within him. Inextricably drawn to her, he realises helping to fix her wounds might help him fix his own.

Everybody has secrets…

… but Amanda Flynn’s are bigger than most. What will happen when her waste of space husband discovers the details of her sordid past?

Now somebody is killing her childhood abusers, and the body count is rising, leaving her with no alibi…

… worse still, gaping holes where her memories should be.

Could she really be a brutal killer?

This is the first of a series of 4, and although they can all be read as standalone books, the author recommends you read them in sequence to get the greatest enjoyment.

Available for free download with Kindle Unlimited.

Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains graphic and disturbing imagery.

What People are saying about this book...

Well, the magic just keeps on coming from the pen of Ms. Newbound.
I have to say I loved this book and cannot praise it highly enough.
I was gripped from the start and loved all the characters in this book, even the ones I was supposed to hate, and that was because they were so well written. A lot of authors write characters two dimensionally, but the characters in this book are fully rounded and three dimensional.
The major plot of this story is a woman’s struggle to overcome the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her paedophile Father and his sick accomplices. The past comes back to haunt her in the most unexpected of ways, but even though the subject matter can be uncomfortable for some, it does not detract from the story and I found myself cheering as the baddies in this book got their comeuppance. And yes, once again, parts of this story border on horror, with the added touch of gore the author seems to favour, but I have to say, these parts are vital to the story that Ms. Newbound is telling us.
I would love for this book to be turned into a television programme in the same vein as Prime Suspect, and look forward to reading the rest of the series.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough! 

Mr Marco Lewis

I really love this book! I’m so happy I discovered this new writer and her work. This is a mystery where you keep THINKING you might know who the killer is – but then a new twist shows up, making your original theory obsolete. It’s very exciting and suspenseful. I didn’t like all of the characters, although on the other hand, you’re not supposed to like the baddies haha. But even the hateful ones were very well drawn out. I’m glad to hear there will be more stories about the detective who saves the day in this book, and that this is the first in what will be a whole series of books about him. He IS a really likable character. Netta Newbound is really talented and I can’t wait to read more from her.


This is an exciting and disquieting family psychological thriller where the main character, Amanda, faces her deepest, darkest memories and feelings and some shocking events happen around her. She’s a paradox and I was swept along in the crises she had to face and at the same time following the effects it was having on those around her. I liked the Detective and was intrigued with his involvement and how that developed, dealing with Amanda’s case was never going to be straightforward, her story is intense.

Sandra T

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