True Crime Mysteries

True Crime Mysteries

Hi everybody,

I’m so sorry I’ve been quiet over this past year but I have been working, I promise. However, my fiction novels have taken a back seat to a number of True Crime Mysteries that I’m certain you will love.

We have a trilogy of Christopher Watts books, (the man who killed his beautiful pregnant wife and two sweet daughters) which consists of two books of FBI transcripts, transcribed police bodycam footage, and court documents, plus one book of popular theories that will blow your mind and break your heart.

In Cold Blood

A Deal with the Devil

The Truth within the Lies

Then there is a series of MISSING books. Several well-known, unsolved missing person cases from the UK.

Suzy Lamplugh

Claudia Lawrence

Rebecca Coriam

And finally,

Lori Vallow, Doomsday Cult Mom - The Missing Children

This is another mind-blowing story that is currently in the US news. This tragic case gets crazier and crazier the more you read, beginning with two missing children and ending with several unexplained deaths. Book two will follow the court case which is due to take place by the end of the year.

However, if True Crime doesn’t float your boat, don’t despair, I am currently working on The Watcher 2 (The Lodger) but I’ll send out the details of this closer to release date. 

Hope you’re all well, and looking forward to lockdown being lifted.

Much love,

Netta x