A Quick Catch Up

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A Quick Catch Up

Hi guys,

OMG! Is it just me or has this year flown by? I can’t believe it’s December already.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but myself and my entire family left New Zealand after 21 years in August and returned to the UK - Cumbria. This year is going to be our first ‘cold’ Christmas in a long long time - brrrr! But I must admit I’m loving being back. Catching up with family and old friends has been amazing.  Here I am at a recent family do with two of my lovely sisters…

I suppose I’d best talk a little about my writing too! haha. I’m currently working on several new books, one set in my NZ home, then there’s Avaline book 2 with Marcus, and I’ve tentatively outlined Adam Stanley book 5 so next year is going to be a busy one.

Oh, by the way, Behind Shadows for a bargain price of 99p/c for a limited time if you’ve not already read it, why not grab yourself a bargain xx Amazon

Much love,

Netta xxx