Countdown to Grave Injustice

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Countdown to Grave Injustice

Check out this absolutely stonking review of Grave Injustice which is available at a special pre-order price of 99p/c.

Please note: I have brought the release date forward to 15th August, so just over a week to wait.

“This is one of those authors you just cannot read enough of. Her books have only what you want in them- action, great characters, wonderful writing, a fabulous mystery or two, and did I say action?! I really like Geri and her man James and the rest of her crew. This is kind of a continuation of the last book, but you could definitely read it as a standalone. Though honestly, why wouldn’t you want to read the other books in this series, as they are all 5 star books (IMHO). This time Geri and James are investigating an old mystery that brings them to a retirement village. As with this writer, each of the retirees is their own very uniquely created character. The fun banter that Geri and James carry on with the oldsters is so lovable, and the way they dig into this old serial murder, that could be relate to a new series of murders, has the reader’s head spinning with all the possible suspects. There is also some mysterious action going on with the sleuthing couple’s neighbor, and a favorite quirky character, Mad Thomas, makes another appearance in this book. If you’re a mystery lover, a fan of great writing, grab up this series and have your next few days filled with reading.”