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Netta Newbound, Author

Thriller Writer

Netta Newbound, originally from Manchester, England, now lives in New Zealand with her husband Paul and their boxer dog Alfie. She has three grown-up children and four delicious grandchildren.

Netta is the author of several thriller novels that are all available in paperback or eBook formats.

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Netta Newbound


Netta's Latest Book: Missing

This comprises three books from the missing series...Suzy Lamplugh, Claudia Lawrence, & Rebecca Coriam. SUZY LAMPLUGH The disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh had many people following daily news reports with an obsessive fascination. When she vanished in 1986, the main news channels and tabloids were the only source of information, unlike today where we can search the ins and outs of someone’s life and virtual rubbish bin from the comfort of our own armchair. We connect with one another and share information in an ever-evolving way, resulting in the birth of an entirely new online community of home-grown detectives who are able to dig, delve and pick away at every single snippet of evidence and likely scenario, often going in a totally different direction to real detectives working cold cases. But, unlike the real detectives who need actual concrete evidence in order to prosecute a suspect, the online community has a habit of naming and shaming, and, unintentionally no doubt, often hindering the actual investigation. We presume the police force and detective agencies dread social media groups getting involved in their investigations in a similar way the medical profession get prickly when we all turn to Doctor Google as soon as we have a twinge or a sniffle. But maybe these new online communities are the way forward. CLAUDIA LAWRENCE The disappearance of thirty-five-year-old Claudia Lawrence on 18th March 2009 remains a total mystery, not only to her family and the police but to the whole of Britain. How is it possible for a beautiful, independent woman to simply vanish into thin air? Could she still be alive, or is she being held against her will? Or could she simply have walked away from her life and all that she knew to start again elsewhere? Each of the scenarios are entirely possible, although detectives don’t think so, which is why this was declared a murder case very early on. For reasons known only to themselves, the police have kept a lot of their findings close to their chest. REBECCA CORIAM The disappearance of Rebecca Coriam is another high-profile mystery. But unlike the first two cases in this series, it is unclear whether a crime was committed, if an accident occurred, or if Rebecca took her own life. And also, unlike the previous two cases we discussed, it is highly unlikely her body will EVER be recovered. The last sighting of twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Coriam, was in the early morning of 22nd March 2011. She was captured on the CCTV of the cruise ship, Disney Wonder, in the crew lounge, visibly upset and talking quite animatedly on the internal phone line, which means the person she was talking to had to also be on the ship. Rebecca, who was a crew member aboard the ship, failed to arrive for her shift several hours later. When she couldn’t be located anywhere on board, the search was extended off the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Her family have spent more than a decade searching for answers. What could have happened? Who was she talking to on the ships’ internal phone line, and why was she so upset? Is there a possibility she’s still alive? Was she a victim of foul play? Or could Rebecca have made the devastating decision to end her own life? In this compilation of Missing books, we will examine the evidence, the background of the victims as well as the suspects, and try to piece together what actually happened. Please note: the findings in this book are partly hearsay and speculation and by no means meant to form an official opinion.


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